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About Lake San Marcos

In 1962, Don, Bob, and Gordon Frazar purchased 1648 acres of San Marcos real estate. The Frazar Brothers purchased the land from the Clemson and Wells families which would become the Lake San Marcos we know today. The Frazar Brothers reshaped the shoreline, drained the lake, and increased the size of the lake to 80 acres, its current day size. The Lake is a mile and a third long with over 1/3 of lake being surrounded by avocado grooves and beautiful nature. 

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Creating the Hidden Gem we know today…

Lake San Marcos was developed as resort style location frequently visited by actors, stars and the rich and famous. On a weekend Lake San Marcos would be packed with ChrisCraft boats and some of the most affluent people like the Johnson & Johnson family and many others. With no visible power lines, unlimited amenities and a majority of homes being single story Lake San Marcos is truly a hidden gem.

“What a great experience. My boyfriend and I booked a 16 foot Duffy. The boat we got was very nice and in really good shape, $100 per hour (Check in for $10 off). They encourage for you to bring drinks and even food, the boat has a nice table and cup holders! The staff was very friendly and made sure to explain everything.”

Cerena P. – San Marcos

Getting out on the water…..

The front half of Lake San Marcos features lake front homes, Decoy restaurant,and Lake House Hotel. The back half of the lake is nestled between large hills and avocado trees, you’ll wonder if you’re still in San Marcos. A majority of the Lake San Marcos is 7′ to 8′ deep with the back half dropping down to over 20′ near the dam. Whether you prefer fishing, paddle-boarding, kayaking or cruising in a boat Lake San Marcos has everything you’re looking for.

Lake San Marcos residents have the option to rent a dock slip near the hotel or by their home or neighborhood if available for around $1000 a year. Boats on Lake San Marcos are for residents only and the motor must be under 9 horsepower with no day launching or water contact is allowed. All fishing is catch and release.

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“We packed snacks to eat on board, the weather was perfect, and the boat was in great shape (leather seats, clean, comfortable). The staff is also friendly and helpful. Overall, I would definitely come back again.”

Wiggin L. – San Diego

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